Prototyping Casa

On-demand real estate property showings.

  • Today’s urban real estate markets are some of the fastest-moving environments in the business world. However, much of the technology that the real estate industry uses is stuck in Web 1.0.
  • To meet the demands of highly dynamic markets, I co-created Casa, a concept for an on-demand platform that allows homebuyers and investors to browse listings and book home showing appointments in real-time.

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I intentionally limited the scope of Casa’s prototype, leaving room for the potential to scale. After speaking with real estate agents in the San Diego area and recent homebuyers, I carefully laid out the interaction flow for Casa. Users can:

  1. Browse local listings, with data constantly updated from the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS),
  2. Bookmark their favorite properties,
  3. Or request a nearby, active agent to show them any property for sale.
Casa Wireframe


Behind the scenes, on-demand platforms like this can quickly become very complex. But simple is almost always better when it comes to service-based applications, so Casa is designed to uphold this principle.

Building the Casa prototype was a meditation in saying ‘no’. Many features were proposed for Casa, but only a few core functionalities made the cut. For example, the app does away with review systems commonly found in on-demand apps like Lyft and Postmates.


The interface of the Casa prototype is purposefully limited in color. I opted for a primarily grayscale palette, allowing for the action items with color to pop. This method helps speed up the process of browsing listings and requesting appointments by limiting distractions.

Casa allows users to perform a set of tasks centered around booking property viewings. The main screen is a map displaying nearby listings. From there, a consumer can view individual listings, bookmark them and view their already bookmarked homes. They can also request an appointment to meet a realtor for a home showing and search listings in other locations.

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