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Helping real estate agents supplement their income using home service affiliate programs.

  • Real estate agents are uniquely well positioned to earn affiliate income from home services, but rarely take advantage of these programs.
  • Interviews with agents told us that many of them are unaware of the existence of such programs, how to enroll in them or how to properly offer home services to home-buying clients.
  • Our goal: create a platform that provides a centralized dashboard where real estate professionals can learn about, enroll in, advertise, track and manage their home service affiliates.

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Dashboard Prototype | Live Site



The first challenge to overcome was discovery. Research showed that many agents are unaware that home services affiliate sales programs exist. So, the site needed a frontend that quickly explained what these services were and, more importantly, the dollar value with which such services can supplement an agent's income.

To achieve this, my design for the landing page was centered around introducing affiliate programs and driving conversions.

Upsell Realtor Dashboard


When a new user enters the sign-up process, I had to respect the busy, hectic lifestyle of a real estate agent. A complex form could easily lead potential users to abandon the process early.

Upsell Realtor Dashboard

The resulting interface featured a simple sign-up form requiring only basic details, with options to enroll via social login APIs as well.

Following the basic signup, users are taken to their dashboard, where an additional form allows them to enter the remaining required information. This interaction flow neatly reconciled the problem of bouncing visitors at sign up with the need for detailed business and payment information.


Once users have set up their accounts, they can begin enrolling in local home service affiliate programs. Since the sign-up processes for these programs differs from provider to provider, we simplify things by allowing users to request affiliate programs by zip code, while Upsell Realtor handles the enrollment process manually.

Upsell Realtor Dashboard

Once an agent is enrolled, they can access resources to help advertise their affiliate services to clients, as well as track and manage their sales. The dashboard provides in-depth tables and charts to help users monitor their revenue.

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