The Challenge

A full-site overhaul with a custom content management system.

  • Dayton, Inc. is a construction services firm based in New Jersey that provides vibration monitoring and other services to the construction and demolition industries.
  • In 2017, Dayton approached me to provide a complete redesign of their web presence and assist with boosting the site's organic page rank on searches for the services they provide.
  • The project presented a full-stack challenge: a complete frontend redesign on the company's main web property, and a backend that facilitates content management and search engine optimization for users with no coding experience.

Technology Stack

Django Project
Amazon S3

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Live Site


Primarily using Django and Bootstrap, I rebuilt Dayton's site from server to client. In addition to re-imagining the presentation of pertinent company information, I set out to create a backend that allows Dayton's marketing team to generate new landing pages on-demand. I also handled server configuration, app deployment and issue tracking.

Dayton Homepage

Using Django's built-in administration app, Dayton team members can fill out a form that automatically creates targeted landing pages. Each landing page is optimized for organic searches for Dayton's services in cities around the US, and is designed to funnel potential clients to a contact form.


The redesign of Dayton's frontend experience demanded an interface that expressed professionalism and domain expertise while demonstrating the company's extensive capabilities in an organized manner. My approach to simplify the site's content to five pages: Home, Services, Projects, Careers and About.

Dayton Landing Page

In addition to the core informational pages, the landing pages required an interface that was not only optimized for search, but also for funneling visitors to contact Dayton. These factors created an interesting conversation on-page, between design aesthetics and SEO requirements.


I wanted Dayton's new backend to facilitate easy content management for the less code-savvy, without the bloat and constraints of popular content management systems. Using Django's built-in admin app simplified this task.

Dayton Landing Page Admin

From Dayton's custom-built admin platform, I provided forms from which Dayton team members can manage models that control the site's general content and custom landing pages.

The backend for the custom landing pages presented a greater challenge. Each form submission potentially generates thousands of variations, each with a corresponding model object and URL. To handle this, I used Celery to task-manage and balance the memory demand of each form submission.

This extended Django administration app offers Dayton team members a simple way to manage their content without enlisting the help developers.

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